Eroticism and the Sexual Drives

Some signs do not deceive: a heart those pounding, sweaty hands, pupils that dilate. When we desire, our body speaks, but the physiological indications that it gives us are only the result of an authentic neuronal and psychic headlamp. It is not the latest studies and clinical work on the subject that contradict it: in terms of sex, it is our brain that gives orders, confirm the researchers. It is in him that our impetus for the other is manifested and articulated.

What triggers the attraction

On the one hand, the will to reproduce, on the other hand, all the bodily, affective, behavioral indices stored by the history of each one. Child, all the physical and psychological characteristics of those who brought us up and took care of us are going register in our brain, which will associate them with pleasant sensations, such as attention, interest. In short, everything that puts the baby in a state of well-being. Later in life, when we meet someone who reminds us of the properties of our parents (hair, eye color, facial shape, smells), our brain immediately associates the notion of pleasure. With the best sex games (That do the stimulation parts) this is the best deal.

Which causes attraction to that particular being

Other parameters will also play a role from puberty, says the researcher: “When sexual development occurs, hormones estrogen for girls, testosterone for boys prepare the brain to pay attention to signs related to sex.

We are not identical biologically, and that has repercussions on our choices. Man produces billions of spermatozoa; the woman, one egg per month. When she is pregnant, her energy is mobilized for at least nine months, but she has a reward, she knows that her child is his. It’s absolute tranquility.

While man is never certain of his biological paternity. Unconsciously, he tries to find a fertile and faithful woman to ensure his lineage. His desire is activated by what the brain identifies as signs of fertility and potential “seriousness”: luscious lips, harmonious waist-hips, shiny hair, downcast, smile, full chest and pheromones are all promising details.

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The importance of these very numerous criteria varies according to our course and our affective experiences. They combine differently depending on the individual and allow to start a process of seduction, a real game of ping-pong between two brains that send each other unconscious messages. They are exchanging thousands of bullets.

If there is succession of exchanges, then approval of the partner, everything is tilt, and our brain will make us find the other formidable. And she recalls an obvious sometimes forgotten: “To provoke the desire, it is necessary to be seen. “Voice, look can arouse our attention particularly because what we runafter, says the psychoanalysis, must be lost so that we can desire it:” The voice is used to pronounce words, to embark on an imaginary while disappearing at each end sentence. In the same way, the gaze moves because it escapes us. When we look in a mirror, we see our eyes, but we can not capture the expression of our gaze. Some will use their image how to dress, look to catch the eye of the other and fill the fact of not having a grip on theirs.


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