Poppers Guide for Beginners

Poppers – the inhalant drug that everyone loves but do not actually know much about! If you want to learn more about poppers, their history, uses, and side effects, keep on reading…

What are Poppers?

Poppers is the common slang term for a range of chemical psychoactive drugs called amyl nitrates, in particular the inhalant drug amyl nitrate. Poppers are also referred to butyl nitrate and room deodoriser, with popular brands include RUSH poppers, Hardcore Poppers, English Poppers, Purple Haze Poppers and Liquid Gold Poppers.

Poppers are typically inhaled directly from the little brown bottles that they come in, with people inhaling the substance for a range of purposes. The two most common poppers uses are:

  • To relax the body’s muscles including the sphincter to enhance sexual experiences including gay sex – Poppers however are also used by straight people having sex to increase pleasure levels
  • To create a short ‘head rush’ which can be similar to the feeling that many other drugs, both legal and illegal, create, particularly in the partying and clubbing scenes

How are Poppers Used?

Poppers are typically inhaled directly from the bottle; however, poppers do vary from brand to brand therefore it is imperative that poppers users always read the instructions that come with their poppers before using them.

Are Poppers Illegal?

Poppers are not illegal even though they almost became illegal in recent years. The government failed to ban poppers due to high people within the government backing poppers and their uses and even claiming that they use them themselves on a regular basis. Poppers are fully legal in the UK and sold openly in a lot of stores and shops.

Poppers Side Effects

Poppers instantly provide users with a ‘head rush’ after being inhaled, providing them with warm sensations and feeling of dizziness, similar to the feeling of being drunk. Unlike other substances, however the effects of poppers only last a few minutes before disappearing.

Poppers effects – When taking poppers some of the effects in which users search for include vasodilation with warm sensations, drop in blood pressure with dizziness, racing heartbeats and relaxation of anal sphincter and other muscles. Poppers relax the body and provide a head rush experience.

Poppers side effects – Poppers can also have negative side effect especially when used too much or used incorrectly. These negative side effects can include skin lesions around the nose and lips, sinusitis and respiratory allergic reactions, headaches and increased intraocular pressure. When any bad side effects are present, you should quickly contact a medical professional in order to receive the best and most accurate advice.

A Leading Poppers Supplier

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