Sexy Time: Playing with Male Chastity Devices

Intimacy can often die down easily, which is why as lovers or as a couple, you must find ways to keep the fire burning in your relationship. Using different toys or devices in the bedroom might be a bit taboo, but it should not be, as this is completely normal and can keep relationships healthy and happy.

Feel free to use whatever toy or device you want with your lover — a vibrator, a strap-on, a dildo, or even a male chastity device. All you need is to go ahead and do what feels right for you.

Buy the Right Type and Size

Make sure that the chastity device will fit your private part properly. Buying one that is too big or too small might cause issues, especially if you are buying it online. If you can, have the device customized to your specific size. This way, you do not have to worry about experiencing any type of discomfort. The wrong size might cause chafing, slip-offs, or it might even prevent your blood from flowing properly, which can lead to injuries.

Prep the Skin

Prepare your skin before putting on the device, so you do not have to worry about chafing or even getting a few scratches from it. Make sure to trim your pubes, but don’t shave it all the way in — just trim it until you are sure that it would not get caught in the device.

Shaving all of your hair down there is not a good idea, as your skin is not yet used to all the rubbing and friction that the device can bring. The short pubes will act as a shield.

Try it First

If it is your first time, make sure not to put it on for too long. Your skin and groin are not used to the feeling just yet, so you need to give your skin a little space to breathe. Sure, it might be tempting to just wear it right away then hand the key to your partner, but trying it first would be a wise decision. 

Try it at home, and leave it on for an hour or two. See how you feel about it and give your skin time to breathe. Check the area and see if there are any chafing or irritation. If there are, then let your skin breathe for a couple more hours before trying it out again.

Get a Spare Key

You should still keep a spare key no matter what your partner says. Emergencies can arise and you will never know when you would be faced with a decision to take the device off, even for just a few minutes.

This is important if your partner will be away and you have no means of borrowing the key from them. Keep a spare key somewhere that’s hidden so you would not be tempted to take it off, but also place it where you can easily access it in case of emergencies.

Lastly, you should go ahead and enjoy your male chastity deviceThe fun begins once you wear it on and have your partner take it off. Go ahead and be a good boy by buying one! 


Meta Title: Using a Male Chastity Device

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