What is the importance of trying new sex positions in your life?

Sex is the key to enjoy a long lasting and healthy relationship with your partner. One of the main reasons of breakup is that the couples fail to satisfy each other’s sexual needs and wants. Intimacy is important to foster the mind and soul because it is one of the essential bodily needs of a human being. Most of the people are convinced that the only way to have sex is the one in which the man stays above the partner in a face to face pose. But if you look at the erotic literature of the past, you will find that plenty of Kama poses have been depicted. However, in order to stay active and to keep your partner happy, it is essential to explore different sex positions from time to time.

Reasons why you should explore different poses?

To maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, it is very important to change the poses while getting intimate with your partner. 

  • To cure boredom and monotony– Sex is an integral part of our lives and it is one of the ways by which you can spice up your relationship. Trying out creative and imaginative positions is always a good idea to prevent boredom and monotony. When you keep on doing a same thing on a daily basis, it becomes boring and eventually you lose your interest in it. The same is applicable for intimacy as well.  You both remain unsatisfied and start drifting from one another. Never allow any unfulfilling things to rule your relation with the partner. Trying new ways and poses is one of the ways by which you can eliminate boredom and closeness in your relationship.
  • Heighten your sensations of Climax– Everyone loves to get orgasms by their partners. If you want to experience a heightened sense of orgasms, then it is very important to include your creative abilities in your sex life. If your partner craves to have orgasms and you too find it difficult to give her the ultimate satisfaction, then trying out new sex poses is the solution to your problem! These fun poses allow your female partner to get the best climax of her life! Your main target should be on the G-Spot which is one of the sensitive parts of a woman by using your moves.
  • Reduce stress and monotony– The importance of new poses lie in the fact that it is one of the good ways to overcome depression and stress in your life. Having an unhealthy relation will do no good to you and your partner especially when you feel that it is becoming an obligation. To break this boring sex life, new positions will bring ecstasy and excitement to your love life! This can enable your body to deliver and discharge hormones that can limit your feelings of anxiety. To sort out any relationship problems or if you wish to get back the charm in your love life, try to discard the poses that you often do and perform some fresh poses. 
  • Live a longer life– Trying fresh poses to maintain a long lasting relationship with your partner. Most of the reports and the sexologists are of the view that sex itself is a thing that is capable of boosting your body strength and is a natural remedy to cure many diseases. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, you can also live a life full of happiness and delay your aging process. 

So if you wish to have a long lasting relationship with your partner, you should try out new poses in your sex life.

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